What are the Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Sleep Deprivation - one of the causes of dark circles under eyes
Some say that black is beautiful, it shows strength and being unique and, if you’ve noticed, almost every beautiful thing, like jewelry for example, would look great if it would be set on something that’s black.

But then again, not all black is beautiful. Especially when your under eyes have gone almost black or simply put, dark circles under the eyes.

That would be very bad. We can call them blue luggage, raccoon eyes or whatever, but still it’s not close to any good. It’s inevitable, both men and women can get it and most likely it would start at the onset of adulthood. It will come, eventually. Like death and taxes only without the messy paper work and it just comes like poof magic!

All things change, and that is the only permanent thing in the world. Our body changes too, from having an almost perfect baby skin and eventually into saggy and not so fresh looking skin.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the causes of dark circles under eyes.

stress is one of the causes of dark circles

First off, why do we get this? what causes dark circles under eyes? You can blame a lot of things, of course, but as we all know, age would be first in line since as we grow older we tend to become more vulnerable to almost everything – illness, allergies, and of course stress – which is another factor that would cause our eyes to have those not-so-very-beautiful-black-rings.

Of course there are other factors or causes that would lead us into having black rings on our under eyes, like everybody’s favorite drink beer or alcohol for that matter or even a good cup of Joe. Some people drink lots when they get stressed, now when our adrenal glands get exhausted because they are weakened by the alcohol, caffeine and/or sugar this can result to our under eyes to puff or swell which can lead to the forming of those (nasty and dreaded) dark circles.

Another, which is more common dark circles causes, is sleep deprivation. Without sleep, aside from being grumpy and all, your skin sags and this does not include our under eyes which would swell and eventually develop the appearance of dark circles.

causes of dark circles under eyes

And in connection with sleeping – some even claim that they way we sleep or the position (fetus, lying on our stomach or back) would be one of the causes of dark circles under eyes.

All these are just the common causes of dark circles under eyes. There are lots, mind you. But then again, just like everything else, before we get distressed on why this happened, the first thing that we should all do is to acquaint ourselves with the dilemma – like studying an opponent’s moves, his skills and his weakness and where we should strike before we get hit and everything will be for naught – and eventually we will find ways into getting rid of it and prevent the causes of dark circles under eyes.

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